A beautiful Asian wedding at Maher Centre in Leicester – Tasnia & Rayhan

At Highlander Wedding Films, experience has taught us that no two weddings are ever the same; that is why we approach every ceremony and every special day with a fresh, clean slate.

From there we work closely with those involved to establish exactly what they want, plan the very best ways to deliver it and guarantee the best results.

Every wedding is different, locations vary, traditions and cultures are all different and the great British weather can always play a part. Skill, knowledge and experience are important qualities in the cinematic wedding videographer’s toolkit, to guarantee the right approach and produce the best results.

When it comes to Asian wedding films we know that, while the ceremony (or Nikah) might often be simple and rooted in tradition, the celebrations, the finery and sheer beauty of the event are all important elements to shoot just right.

The wedding of Tasnia and Rayhan in Leicester was just such an occasion. Held at the impressive Maher Centre and Abbey Park to the north of the city, I was honoured to help preserve the memories of their special day and showcase its beauty in a cinematic way.

Abbey Park, Leicester

In the north of the city, set beside the River Soare, Abbey Park is a beautifully kept green space to relax, spend time together and enjoy some of the finest scenery that the city has to offer. Tasnia and Rayhan chose this location as the perfect backdrop for their outdoor wedding photography and the park was the setting for important elements of the wedding film.

Shooting in a public park can be a challenge, so planning and preparation were needed to get the perfect shots and working closely with the bride and groom were essential to deliver exactly what they wanted in a way that really looked and sounded good.

Capturing the unique beauty of the Nikah

The Muslim wedding is known as the Nikah ceremony and is one of the most celebrated occasions in Islam. For a cinematic Muslim wedding videographer, capturing the day, the people and those unique, beautiful moments is a real responsibility and an absolute pleasure.

The beauty of traditional Muslim wedding attire is impossible to put into words; this is part of the reason why Asian wedding films prove so popular, they showcase the beauty, the finery and the unique sense of occasion in a way that words and even still images might struggle to achieve…

Highlander Studio strove to capture every aspect and to produce a memento of their Nikah wedding day that was worth cherishing.

The groom, Rayhan wore a traditional Sherwani, a long, pure white coat over a deep red Kurta, intricately detailed and stunning to look at, finished perfectly with a matching sash. He looked every inch the proud groom on his big day. Capturing Rayhan looking resplendent and sharing unique, special moments with his bride to be formed an important component of their wedding film.

The bride, Tasnia was a Muslim wedding cinematographer’s dream to capture. From the henna art, carefully applied to her hands (to allow the receiving and offering of blessings), to her beautiful jewellery, flawless style and intricately embellished dress and headwear. Shooting Tasnia felt like capturing art, she was the perfect, patient subject and I was thrilled with the results.

A large part of Rayhan and Tasnia’s Asian wedding film involved simply celebrating the beauty, hard work and cultural creativity that forms such an important part of the Nikah wedding ceremony. The results were exactly what we and the happy couple had hoped for.

I wish them every peace and happiness.

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Photographer: Esat Photography

Video: Highlander Wedding Films

Venue: Maher Centre

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