Asian Wedding Videographer Birmingham – Faryal and Azim

Part of the thrill that comes with being a cinematic wedding videographer is the pleasure we take from capturing people at their happiest. We also get to work with a wide range of people and many different cultures and traditions involved in the biggest day of two people’s lives. Working as an Asian wedding videographer in Birmingham is very rewarding. It’s a level of job satisfaction you can’t find anywhere else.

Asian wedding videography in Birmingham

Making wedding films for a broad range of people is also a firm reminder that, even if though we all have different cultures, beliefs and traditions, finding that special person to spend the rest of our lives with, and celebrating that union with those we care about is a common theme for everybody, everywhere.

Faryal and Azim are a perfect example; they found each other and they wanted to commit those memories to film to enjoy for the rest of their lives. Their Asian Muslim wedding was held over two days in Birmingham, West Midlands and the following day in Leicester, East Midlands.

The Nikah, (the first day)

The wedding day in Asian Muslim wedding tradition is called the Nikah, it refers to the marriage contract between the man and woman although the wedding day itself goes by the same name and it is a day to remember.

The Nikah of Faryal and Azim was held at the Holiday Inn, at Birmingham Airport in the West Midlands. Highlander Wedding Films worked closely with Faryal and Azim, to find out what style of wedding cinematography they wanted, to learn about the moments it was important for them to capture and to get to know them a little better. 

Newlyweds filmed by an Asian wedding videographer in Birmingham

These meetings have another important function; they give the happy couple an important opportunity to get to know their wedding cinematographer too and that helps them feel more relaxed and at ease with the camera.

The Holiday Inn, Birmingham Airport is a venue that knows exactly how to host a special wedding and elements of the film focused on the details that helped to make it such a stunning backdrop for the Nikah. The table decorations, the floral work, the intricately crafted cakes and confectionery, the seating and of course the ultra-cool live band all played an important part of their wedding film, those details can easily be forgotten over time, but never with a professionally made wedding film.

Bride and groom filmed by an Asian wedding videographer in Birmingham

Of course, a traditional Nikah is all about stunning traditional attire too, and another key element of our wedding film was capturing Faryal and Azim at their very best, looking simply incredible in intricate, traditional outfits.

The day ended just the same as it started, in incredible style as the bride and groom made their departure in a pure white BMW i8 Roadster. 

What better way to start a new chapter in their lives together?

The Walima, the second day

The second part of a traditional Asian Muslim wedding is the banquet; know for centuries as the Walima. It is held when the marriage is official and the venue for Faryal and Azim’s walima was one of Leicester’s finest traditional Indian eateries and banqueting venues, The Tipu Sultan.

The word ‘Walima’  has its roots in a similar word, ‘awlama’ which means to gather together or assemble, and that is exactly what Faryal and Azim’s friends, family and loved ones did on the second day of their wedding.

Asian couple on their second wedding day, the Walima

We captured The Tipu Sultan from the air with drone footage and special effects which took a lot of planning with excellent results. Furthermore, because the Walima was held on the second day, the atmosphere was more relaxed, with the focus very much on making memories and celebration. 

Aside from the beautiful food on offer, there was dancing, and smiles on every face young and old. Capturing those natural moments made by people who aren’t used to being the focus of a cinematic wedding film can be challenging. People instinctively become self aware when a camera is pointed their way. It is down to the skill and technique of the wedding videographer to overcome that challenge and Highlander Studio was able to do just that.

That meant we could deliver a wedding film of which we were very proud and which Faryal and Azim will use to remember one of the most important and special days of their lives for many years to come.

Highlander Wedding Films wishes them all the very best.

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