Why you should hire a Cinematic Wedding Videographer

It’s a common issue for every couple looking to plan their wedding day, should I hire a wedding photographer, or should we go the extra mile and make a wedding film?

The fact is, today’s wedding cinematography is a storytelling art, the results of which will be treasured for generations. Those who decide to do it never regret it.

All too often though, those who decide not to often wish they had made a different choice…

There are several really good reasons for that; here are some of the most compelling.

1. Capturing the day

We all have memories of special occasions and moments in our lives, but they are limited to our own perspective. We remember the things we see and the way they make us feel and that is of course, a wonderful thing.

But imagine that feeling committed to film, capturing moments we were simply too busy to see for ourselves, one of the biggest days of our lives seen from a wider cinematic perspective, to enjoy as often as we like.

Is there a more perfect way to capture a special day? Is it any surprise that the number one regret for so many people is not booking a wedding videographer when they look back on their wedding day?

2. Sharing far and wide

As everyone is all too aware, we are living through strange, changing times…

Measures have become commonplace to limit the risks posed by COVID-19 and one of the biggest (and for many, the most challenging) has been the restrictions in spending time with those we love.

For wedding ceremonies and celebrations, this has had a big impact. Few people in recent times have had the luxury of inviting everyone they would have liked at their wedding celebration. Things will change but until they do, a wedding film is the perfect way to give everyone a chance to feel a part of things.

For friends, family or loved ones abroad, affected by travel restrictions and for those forced to isolate and unable to join in, a wedding film can mean everything.

Wedding cinematographer following newlyweds in country road

3. A meaningful memento

In these days of social media likes and scrolling, fleeting moments, where does a cinematic wedding film sit?

Well it goes far beyond those things, it might even be a record of your day that outlives some of the people who shared it and that makes it special in ways that are difficult to describe.

Of course, in the days and weeks after your wedding it will be a wonderful souvenir, the icing on the cake at a time when things are still fresh and exciting.

Over time though, it will come to mean much more. As friendships change, as we lose loved ones and as new people enter our lives such as our children (and eventually, even grand children!) then the personal value of your wedding film will soar…

4. The sounds of celebration

The most memorable moments can always be captured by a photographer and yes, the results can be pretty special…

So what else can a cinematic wedding videographer possibly bring to the table?

Make no mistake, wedding albums filled with still images are a special memento and a real family heirloom but can you hear the sounds of those you love all joined together in celebration?

Can you hear the moment when you and your partner exchange your vows?

Can you hear the music you chose as the soundtrack to the day?

Can you relive all those speeches, the light hearted moments, the touching ones?

It’s impossible, because even though a photographer can capture those moments visually, in the future they’ll only ever be snapshots in time.

If you truly want to relive the special moments and surround yourself with the sights, sounds and emotions of your wedding day, then a cinematic wedding film, crafted by a professional wedding videographer is the only way to do it.

5. A modern approach for incredible results

A lot of people still carry misconceptions around wedding films. The long established cliché of being forced to sit around viewing old-fashioned home movies is, amazingly still something that lives in people’s minds from the olden days…

Modern wedding cinematography is a different proposition altogether. Modern equipment, modern techniques and the skills of the cinematographer can yield the perfect tone for the film, the perfectly paced story of the day blended with creative angles, unique perspectives and both the big moments and the smaller, intimate ones that you may be too busy to witness, the results will be emotional, engaging and entertaining for all who see it.

That is what a cinematographer is, a storyteller, with all the tools and the skills to tell the story of your day in way that you’ll treasure.

If you are looking to learn more about luxury cinematic wedding films and for help and advice to see if it might be right for you then please visit my wedding videography portfolio page and get in touch

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